About us

Cura was founded by Neil Burgess. That’s me. Hello.

I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful family and some fantastic friends around me and I’ve seen first hand on numerous occasions how willing everyone is to support each other during times of need.

My aim in creating Cura was simple – to create a free service that helps bring family, friends and communities together to care for the people around them.

At some point we’ll all be involved in looking after someone. Six million people in the UK are caring right now and without the right support, caring can quickly take its toll on your finances, your health, your career, your family and your social life. Yet without unpaid carers the UK would be left facing an £119 billion care bill it simply could not afford.*

Cura helps break the isolation carers can experience by unleashing the support of the people around them.

The birth of Cura would not have been possible without the support of those around me – it’s amazing what can be achieved when you work together. I’d like to thank Unltd, who helped fund the project, Digital Brands who helped design and ultimately build the site, and importantly my family, friends and work colleagues who have been so supportive during the many late nights and endless conversations discussing what could be achieved with Cura.

Sign up to Cura now – it’s free, it’s simple and it helps.


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