New site launching soon!


With only a few weeks to go until we launch the brand new I’m getting pretty excited.

It seems so long ago when I launched the first version of Cura, and its great that so many people have backed us since then to enable us to now launch a new and improved site.

So what can you expect?

The new site still allows you to manage and share all the tasks you need help with, but we’ve added a community message-board where you can share updates, messages of support and even photos with other members of your community. Oh and we have a smartphone app now too! :-)

There are lots of other changes, but I’ll let you explore those for yourself, but before you do, can you do me a favour?

We work hard to build, maintain and importantly keep Cura free so it can help as many people as possible. However we need to get it to those people and need help spreading the word – after all there’s no point in keeping Cura hidden away!

So, do you know someone who is caring for an elderly or disabled relative? Or recovering from injury or illness? Or who maybe is trying to better manage their childcare? Then tell them about – it could be just what they’re looking for.

Speak soon

Cura Founder

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