Help with child care – we’re going to need it!!

Well, a trip to the hospital today has shown we’re only a few days away from the arrival of our first child – a little boy!!! Although our due date is still eight days away, a few minor complications mean we will shortly be induced. Although everyone keeps telling me to make the most of my last night of sleep – I’m to excited to go to bed.

So a long road of nappy changes and sleepless nights await us – but we really can’t wait. I’m particularly looking forward to introducing the new arrival to my grandparents. They’ve had a rough few weeks and can’t wait to meet their first great grandchild. Exciting times all around!

Although I originally created to help my family look after my elderly grandparents – I’m looking forward to using Cura to help mobilise our friends and family to lend a hand with babysitting too. :o )

Need help with elderly care? Help with childcare? Or anything in between – be sure to check out and see how it can help you.

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