Working carers

Most of us, at some stage, will need to care for an elderly, ill or disabled family member or friend. In fact if you take a look at the statistics one in seven of the UK workforce is fulfilling an unpaid caring role in their spare time.

Helping people balance their career with their caring role is great news for employee and employer alike but I think this needs to be recognised by employers.

If employers can provide effective support not only will they achieve significant business benefits such as increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and staff retention they will also greatly increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

At Cura we are now on a mission to champion the cause of working carers and will be engaging with major businesses to encourage them to change the way they support their employees who fulfil a caring role in their spare time.

We’re also going to spend some time unearthing the information, support and resources that are out there to support all carers. We know it’s a real minefield when it comes to understanding what you are and are not entitled to as a carer – and we want to change that.

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