Help with child care

Being a parent is tough – rewarding – but tough. And in a family environment can really help.

Let me relate this to my experience. My wife and I have just had our first child. Joshua.

We set up a community on and invited Joshua’s grandparents, aunties and uncles to join.

Through our community message board I can share photos of all the cute and funny things Joshua gets up to and share all the stories and anecdotes our family love to read. Keeping all this information in one place is great for us as it stores all those valuable memories and means we can update all the family in one go.

As we are new to this parenting game, there are also some things we need help with. And that’s where the tasks page comes into play. If we need some help – maybe some shopping picked up, or even just someone to come and sit with Joshua for an hour while we get some much needed sleep, we can post what we need help with and the family can pitch in when they can.

This is a fantastic help, as phoning around takes so much time – and asking for help in this way can some times feel a little awkward.

As Joshua grows, the message board will be a great tool to continue to store and share photos and memories (as well as all those ‘creative artworks’ that most parents stick on the fridge). The tasks function will no doubt become a bit of a ‘babysitting rota’, as it’s an easy place to show when we need someone to look after Joshua and letting the family pick when they would like to help out.

However you use it to help with your childcare and family life how you see fit. Remember is free and completely secure. Only those you invite can see your website.



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