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As society gets older, most of us at some stage in our lives, will need to provide care and support to an elderly friend or relative.

Quite simply the Government, no matter which political party is in power, will not be able to provide all the care an individual needs in later life.

Homecare and care home fees are expensive, so support from friends and family can ease these financial burdens.

Many of us are already caring for relatives. There are over six million unpaid carers in the UK and that number is on the rise. However, all too often just one person bears the strain of supporting an elderly relative, despite having other family members and friends around them.

Why is this? When we are in times of need the people around us often ask “let me know if there’s anything I can do to help” but why do we never take up this offer of support?

There are a number of reasons. People find asking for help awkward. Also asking for help and explaining what needs to be done (and subsequently checking that it has been completed) takes time. Time carers often do not have. In the end it is perceived that it is actually more time efficient to “just get on and do it” themselves.

We thought that there has to be a better way for people to engage with those around them when they need help with elderly care. That’s why we created

Here’s an example of in action.

Let’s say you care for your elderly parent, let’s call him John.

You create a secure online community and invite your family, friends and John’s neighbours to join. Remember only those you invite can access your community.

You then upload, on an ongoing basis, all the tasks that John needs help with, for example: “put the bins out on Sunday”

Community members will instantly see the tasks as they are added and can ‘grab’ the ones they can help with. No need to make countless phone calls to ask people to help and certainly no need to struggle on alone anymore.

Another benefit of using a community is your own community message board. This is a place where all community members can share updates, experiences, memories and even photos. This is a fantastic way to share information without having to call or email people to update them individually. It also keeps all information in one place – which is handy.

So if you’re caring for an elderly parent, friend or relative why not set up your own caring website through It is free to use and completely secure.

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